Based in New York City, The Stylist Co-op is a collective of professional, independent stylists who are changing the culture of the freelance landscape. Founded on the principle of collaboration over competition, we bring a combined total of over 100 years of experience to each client we serve.

With skilled stylists on our team working in every facet of the industry from advertising and editorial to high volume e-commerce, no matter your business needs, we've got you covered. Receive all of the benefits of an independent stylist with no additional fees and none of the scheduling headaches. If at any time your preferred stylist is unavailable, simply request a co-op approved alternative. An available member of our team will contact you directly, already fully briefed on your brand, rate and project by their co-op partner.

Co-op approved stylists are peer-reviewed for excellence, work ethic and attitude and we stake our individual reputations on co-op wide client satisfaction. The Stylist Co-op believes that by working together, we are able to create a unique, transparent and unparalleled client experience from the first point of contact to the finished product.